Qualifications: BSc MSc, ACIEEM, Emergency First Aid at Work, NPTC Tree Climbing and Rescue, CSCS Academically Qualified Person, ROLO H&S
Specialisms: bats, climbing, barn owl, birds, GCN
Licences: bats CL18 level 2, tree-climbing/aerial rescue, GCN CL08 level 1, barn owl CL29.

Adam has worked in the ecological industry for five years, for small and large companies on a wide range of projects, including multi-phase residential schemes, building conversions, linear utilities projects, and mineral extraction sites. His chief specialism is bat ecology, and he has successfully obtained EPS mitigation licences for rare and widespread species. He is qualified in tree-climbing and arboreal inspection for bat roosts, and an accomplished analyst of bat calls. Adam is also licensed and experienced in survey and mitigation of barn owls and GCN, and an experienced surveyor of dormice, reptiles, birds/WBS/BBS, and Phase 1 habitats. He is proficient in ArcGIS and QGIS. His botanical experience includes an MSc thesis on calcareous grassland restoration methods at mineral extraction sites.

Dr Chris Gleed-Owen

Director & Principal Ecologist

Specialisms: sand lizard, smooth snake, reptiles, GCN, natterjack, amphibians, non-marine molluscs, heathland, coastal dunes, biogeography, palaeoecology

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Adam Day

Senior Ecologist (Dorset)

Specialisms: bats, climbing, barn owl, birds, GCN

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Sandi Leiber

Finance & Administration Manager

Specialisms: Business administration and finance

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Jess Smith

Associate Ecologist (Surrey)

Specialisms: reptiles, amphibians, mammals

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Rebecca Perl

Director (Dorset)

Specialisms: communications, copywriting, editing, marketing

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Steve Allen

Associate Arborist & Ecologist (Northamptonshire)

Specialisms: Trees, Bats, Woodland, Fencing, Barn owl

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Habitat Management Team

Habitat Management Team

Specialisms: heathland, forestry, habitat management, protected species, invasive species

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Richard Moulds

Associate Arborist & Ecologist (Nottinghamshire)

Specialisms: Trees, Bats

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Noel Bergin

Associate Ecologist (Dorset/Denmark)

Specialisms: bats, hazel dormouse, reptiles, heathland, woodland, trees, health & safety

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Mike Phillips

Associate Ecologist (Kent)

Specialisms: GCN, reptiles, GIS/remote sensing, tree/habitat management.

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Chris Cathrine

Associate Ecologist (Scotland)

Specialisms: birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians

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Dr Todd Lewis

Associate Ecologist (Dorset)

Specialisms: reptiles, amphibians, tropical ecology

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Ian Bradley

Associate Ecologist (Northumberland)

Specialisms: great crested newt, amphibians, reptiles

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Jonathan Crewe

Associate Ecologist (Dorset)

Specialisms: plants, habitats, bats, badgers, reptiles, amphibians

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