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One of Dorset's largest heaths was almost completely destroyed by fire yesterday. According to the internet and TV reports, it seems like one of the biggest heath fires ever. Estimates in the afternoon said it was 100 hectares and spreading fast, with 20 appliances and 200 firefighters.

As we enter the month of June - the beginning of summer in climatic terms - we can look back on a spring that has been the warmest and driest for many years. Reptiles in the UK have undoubtedly benefited from this warm weather, which has set them a few steps ahead in the annual cycles, in terms of breeding, lifestage, and phenology.

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Planned road upgrade works for the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road led to a huge operation in 2010 to rescue thousands of reptiles from the verges that would be temporarily destroyed. Dorset County Council employed CGO Ecology to carry out the work. The reptiles were moved to several sites that had ideal habitat, but were unoccupied or had very low densities of the target species. Ongoing monitoring efforts have already shown that the translocated (re-homed) reptiles are doing well.