World Animal ProtectionWorld Animal Protection (formerly the World Society for the Protection of Animals) has been in the press in the past week. They published a report report revealing the extent of wildlife crime in the UK – from badger baiting, bats and birds being disturbed, to the illegal trade of endangered species. The report includes recommendations for how UK Government could better support the enforcement agencies working to tackle these crimes.

As the Marine Conservation Society says on its websitewebsite, August is the peak month for leatherback turtle sightings in British and Irish waters. This world-travelling ocean giant is now widely regarded as a true native of these waters, given that it comes here deliberately to feed on jellyfish.

Environmental sustainability is central to CGO Ecology's business ethic and our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy outlines the steps we take to ensure our practices are sustainable. One of these steps is to calculate our annual carbon footprint and to offset it through appropriate projects.

On the Railway

Hello, my name is Noel Bergin, and I am the new Senior Ecologist at CGO Ecology. Since starting in May, I have been working on GCN and bat mitigation work, but also at a number of railway sites, capturing and translocating reptiles.

CGO Ecology employees have their say..

It's very important to us that our employees find their work enjoyable and fulfilling, so we ask for staff feedback on a regular basis, and we will publish it here on the website. The first person to tell us how her first month with CGO Ecology has gone is Colette Gibson from Camarthen, who has been working as a seasonal ecologist on GCN projects in Cheshire and Shropshire.

As a small independent consultancy, CGO Ecology Ltd was focused primarily on amphibian and reptile consultancy in its early years; but now that our business is much larger, the breadth of our capability has grown. We have tended to subcontract out most of our bat work until now, using the services of other friendly local consultancies and freelancers. However, we do get offered a lot of bat survey work, and we decided it was time to acquire our own in-house expertise and technical capability.

Training the Cyril Diver volunteers

Yesterday CGO Ecology's Chris Gleed-Owen and ARC's Nick Moulton were out on Studland Peninsula in Dorset, training reptile survey volunteers for the Cyril Diver Project. Despite a grim start to the weather, the sun came out, and we saw dozens of sand lizards, plus a smooth snake and lots of slow-worms.