How to get a job in consultancy

CVs, CVs, CVs... It's that time of year again, and the CVs are flying. Winter seasonal work is coming to an end, and spring/summer seasonal work is being advertised. But how do you make your CV stand out from the others?

This is something we've written about before - see our previous blog about writing a good CV herehere - but one point we want to reiterate is how important it is to show that you have used your time and opportunities wisely. For example, many recent graduates will be preoccupied with non-vocational jobs to make ends meet, but the exceptional candidate will make time to volunteer on habitat and survey work.

Having demonstrable evidence that you have been volunteering and doing all you can to increase your skills and experience is very important. It's what sets you apart from the other applicants for a job. And you can never have too many feathers in your cap.

Here's an extract from a CV we recently received, that we want to share. It's an example of a can-do attitude, from the sort of person we want to employ.

"..Since graduation I have filled my time effectively with placements and internships, to build my skill set and boost my employability. I am highly capable at research, surveying, report writing and meeting deadlines. My commitment to placements and volunteering in comparison to my peers (35 weeks in the last 2 years) shows a high level of passion for the environment, and enthusiasm to learn. I am 22, fit and healthy, able to move anywhere with no ties, and would like to begin working towards a career in ecological and environmental consulting." (from a 2014 Bournemouth University graduate in BSc (Hons) Ecology and Wildlife Conservation).

Flexibility is essential in ecology - so the willingness to move to find work is important - but it's the fact that this candidate has volunteered 35 weeks of time over two years that is the deal-clincher. The candidate will be joining our Habitat Management Team next week.