CGO Ecology Ltd : About

CGO Ecology is an ecological consultancy providing expert advice, species and habitat surveys, ecology reports for planning applications, development mitigation, conservation and research - delivered as promised, on time, within budget. We are located in the South and the Midlands, but we operate all over the UK, Ireland, and occasionally globally. If you need an ecology report for planning, look no further.

CGO Ecology has a skilled and experienced network of ecological consultants, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. Among them are nationally-recognised experts in a range of disciplines. We operate via a small team of staff and a wide network of subconsultants/associates (some shown below), together covering all taxonomic groups, habitats and disciplines.

We are appropriately licensed and insured, with a health and safety management system, policies and training.

We strongly believe in disseminating wildlife and environmental data as widely as possible, for the benefit of nature conservation and public enjoyment. Therefore we comply with CIEEM's Code of Professional Conduct, which requires its members to "wherever possible, make scientific data collected during the course of their professional duties available to others such as records centres."

Data-sharing is also a mandatory condition of EPS icensing. We share our species records with local environmental records centres (LRCs), nature conservation NGOs, and other recording groups. We normally share data annually, around January, in the year after collection.

Our Privacy Policy is to treat all personal data according to the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, and to commit to client and commercial confidentiality as appropriate. We are an equal-opportunities employer. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impacts. Our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy is downloadable here:

pdfEnvironmental and Social Responsibility Policy