We assist you in taking your project through development planning, and ensuring that your legal obligations are met in relation to wildlife.

Much of our work is assisting clients to take their projects through development planning, and ensuring that their legal obligations are met in relation to wildlife. Often developers are unaware of the wildlife issues affecting their projects until rather late, and they are unfamiliar with the strict protection afforded to some threatened species.

Our role is to devise appropriate surveys and mitigation measures to prevent damage to wildlife interests, whilst ensuring that our clients' activities remain within the law. This includes application for EPS mitigation licences where expected impacts could affect the conservation status of strictly-protected species.

  • Mitigation and compensation advice, strategy and delivery
  • Method statements
  • Management plans
  • General advice and project management
  • Selection of receptor sites
  • Ecological advice
  • Development-planning advice and assistance
  • Licence applications with Natural England, SNH, CCW and other statutory bodies
  • EPS licence advice and negotiations with SNCOs
  • Expert witness, specialist reports
  • BREEAM assessments
  • Receptor site selection and negotiation
  • Offsetting assistance, calculation and negotiation
  • Biodiversity checklists and mitigation plans
  • Conservation status assessment and advice
  • Ecology reports for planning applications
  • National Planning Policy Framework compliance
  • Natura 2000/SAC/SPA/Ramsar impact assessment
  • Appropriate Assessment (AA)
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment/Appraisal (HRA)
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