NEW: CGO offers tree climbing surveys

We're happy to announce that CGO Ecology's Senior Ecologist Noel Bergin is now qualified in City & Guilds NPTC Tree Climbing and Rescue. Although this sounds like an excuse for him to play around in trees, this training will enable him to carry out aerial inspection surveys, to asses trees for potential roost features (PRFs) for bats. As a licensed bat worker, Noel is able to visit roosts, and use an endoscope to investigate roosts and PRFs in trees.

Bats and their roosts are legally protected, and local planning authorities often require bat surveys to accompany planning applications. Tree surgery and felling work also requires due diligence to protect any bat roosts. By being able to climb into the canopy of trees, Noel will be able to look for PRFs, such as woodpecker holes, rot-holes and other cavities that might be invisible from the ground. He will also be able to carry out tree safety and condition surveys.

Trees can be inspected for PRFs at any time of the year, and rope-access survey techniques are far superior to web picground-based inspection. When the alternative is often to wait until spring for an emergence survey, the availability of a climbing bat worker to survey a tree in winter can save a great deal of time, cost and disruption.

CGO Ecology offers a range of bat and tree survey services, including:

 - Aerial inspection of trees for potential bat roost features

 - Preliminary bat inspection of trees, buildings and structures

 - Bat emergence and return surveys

 - Bat static detection, activity surveys and monitoring

 - Tree safety and condition surveys

 - BS5837 tree surveys for planning, mapping of root protection zones.

To discuss your needs, and obtain a competitive quote, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01202 950411.