Our new birder Alice Quinney

Spring is pretty much here now, and there is always a distinct surge in ecological consultancy work at this time of year. We have therefore been recruiting, and we welcome our newest staff member, Alice Quinney, who joins us as an Ecologist.

Ali is the latest in a line of staff who came to us from Dorset Wildlife Trust, either through their 'Skills for the Future' (Heritage Lottery Fund) training programme, or in Ali's case, because her contract had ended. This is lucky for us though, as we needed a good birder at short notice, to help with some major bird survey projects we have. Ali is a proficient ornithologist and general ecologist, with extensive experience with a wide range of birds.

Her last role was Conservation Officer for Dorset Wildlife Trust, which included acting as Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) coordinator for the Frome Valley. She has also worked for British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and several consultancies.

Her voluntary portfolio has taken her to Skomer Island with the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales, where she tracked Manx shearwaters, and ringed various seabirds.

She has also surveyed for the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG), RSPB, and MARINElife in varied habitats. Ali's other survey skills include Phase 1 habitats, otter, water vole, and a range of invertebrate groups. She has also managed community projects, and is a proficient GIS technician.

Ali's first two weeks at work have involved woodlark breeding surveys for a wind farm, writing a tender for a large grassland bird survey, and generally getting up to speed with consultancy and the transformation from charitable to private sector.

(Photo: Ali with an oystercatcher chick)