Bournemouth cliff landslip warning

The following is an open letter from CGO Ecology's Chris Gleed-Owen to Bournemouth Borough Council:

Dear Bournemouth Council. I tweeted you (and Dorset Police) recently about the Southbourne landslip, but got no response. I want to know if anybody at the Council is concerned about the continuing risk of cliff landslips? Following the recent night-time slip that took out six beach huts dramatically near Gordon Steps in Southbourne, we should be vigilant for further landslip risks. As someone with geomorphological training many years ago, I might be more concerned than most, but I think there's a real risk that more cliff slips could occur. And given the number of people I saw happily enjoying Boxing Day sun outside their beach huts yesterday, the consequences don't bear thinking about if such a landslip were to happen in the daytime. The week of heavy rain and strong winds we've had has hammered the cliffs, and saturated the ground to a dangerous extent - especially on areas covered with the heavy succulent plant Hottentot fig, a non-native species from South Africa that is taking over the cliffs. I suggest you get someone to make an urgent review of the cliff-line, to assess further risk, and if necessary cordon off risky areas. Going forward, you need a serious Hottentot fig eradication programme. Today we have heavy rain and strong winds again, so let's hope no more slips occur. Yours, Chris Gleed-Owen, 27/12/2013