New EC "Invasive Alien Species Regulation"

The EC has published a new set of regulations to tackle the dire problem of invasive alien species (IAS) across Europe. The spread of IAS is widely viewed as one of the biggest threats to global wildlife alongside climate change and habitat loss.

The new "Invasive Alien Species Regulation" will compel all Member States to take measures to tackle the spread of invasive plants and animals, and to eradicate them where possible. Member States must create "fully functioning structures" to prevent introduction and spread of IAS before January 2016. Derogations are only permissible in impossible situations. 

The Regulation is available online herehere, and downloadable as a pdf herehere.

A list of species to  be tackled will follow soon. The most damaging species will be prioritised under the Regulation which comes into force on 1 January 2015.