New ARGs for Nottinghamshire and Hertfordshire

CGO Ecology is pleased to hear that two new local ARG groups have been set up for the counties of Nottinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The national network of local voluntary groups is the backbone of herp recording and conservation in the UK.

Nottinghamshire's new group (NARG) has been set up by Chris Jackson (Chairperson) who works as biodiversity officer at Nottinghamshire County Council. The group has already held several meetings, adopted a constitution, a committee, and initiated new survey and training projects.

CGO Ecology has been assisting them in the set-up of reptile surveys at several key sites in Nottinghamshire. Permissions have been arranged from the relevant landowners (Forestry Commission and Nottignhamshire Wildlife Trust), artificial refugia (felts) have been laid, and NARG volunteers will begin surveying the sites soon.

Meanwhile, BHS Council member David Willis has been busy setting up a new group in Hertfordshire, the first time there has been an ARG dedicated solely to the county. He hopes that membership will grow over time, aided by a new webpage on the ARGUK site.

For details of both groups, and to get involved, see the local group page on the ARGUK website: