Upton Heath fire - reptile rescue update

The following is from Steve Davis of Dorset Wldlife Trust:

"The volunteering support for the reptile rescue has been simply astounding. I put out a call for volunteers over the weekend to join us at the Wildlife Centre to assist in walking the site. This was picked up by various media and broadcast as an appeal on the BBC local news (TV and radio). As a result, we had 52 volunteers turn up on Monday. Today we had 93 volunteers. Tomorrow – who knows! I’m keeping tight control on them all, my years of military training are proving very worthwhile!

Rescues were estimated at around 100 or so reptiles on Monday. Today we had a total of 161 common lizard, 10 adder, 3 grass snake, 1 smooth snake, 14 sand lizard and 2 slow worm. At some point of course, we anticipate that numbers will drop off – and we will then shift our focus onto taking the opportunity for a bit of a litter pick while we are out there!

Good to know that the media are also interested in following up with the good news bit – and we have BBC Newsround, Meridian News and Animal Rescue 24:7 out with us this week to cover the rescue work."