IEEM survey skills guidance notes published

The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) has just published a set of guidance notes to advise wildlife surveyors and other practitioners on the skills needed for species surveys. The new notes - called “Competencies for Species Survey (CSS) Guidance" - have been a year in the making, and are the result of consultation with practitioners, conservation NGOs and SNCOs.

The CSS Guidance notes are being promoted as a benchmark to define the minimum knowledge, skill and experience criteria needed to be a professional wildlife surveyor. The comprehensive list of notes includes one for great crested newt, one for natterjack toad, and one for reptiles.

The full set of CSS Guidance is accessible here:

Jessica Batchelor thanked the contributors involved, saying: 'It's great to bring together knowledge from a range of people such as yourselves and from organisations such as ARC, the BCT and the Mammal Society to produce something that should really help drive up standards of practice within the ecological profession. The SNCOs have also been extremely helpful in providing comment on the consultation version and legislation.'

CGO Ecology Ltd assisted in the production of the notes. Chris Gleed-Owen co-wrote the natterjack toad and reptiles notes.