Australian researchers have shown for the first time that the advanced stages of chytridiomicosis in amphibians can be completely cured using fungicide and electrolyte therapy.

The research team, led by Sam Young at the Amphibian Disease Ecology Group, James Cook University in Queensland, used chloramphenicol to completely cure three terminally-ill green tree frogs (Litoria caerulea).

There are other cases of successful recovery from chytridiomicosis, but Young et al. say this is the first time that terminally-ill amphibians have been cured.

The three L. caerulea were immersed in chloramphenicol solution for 14 days, parenteral isotonic electrolyte fluid for 6 days, and subjected to a raised ambient temperature of 28C for 14 days. Five untreated frogs died within days.

An abstract of the article is here: