Chris founded CGO Ecology in 2008, when he was primarily a herpetologist. Since then he has expanded his expertise, and worked in rail and road infrastructure, minerals, renewables, housing, conservation, monitoring, training and research. Previously he managed sand lizard, smooth snake and NARRS surveys for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation; lectured at Coventry University and Bournemouth University; and worked at English Nature (geologist), English Heritage (archaeologist), and Ordnance Survey (cartographer).  He has a PhD in the palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography, with specialist skills in the identification of herpetofaunal skeletal remains. He is former Chair of the British Herpetological Society, on the Council of the Conchological Society of Great Britain & Ireland, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Bournemouth University. He co-wrote CIEEM survey skills competency notes for reptiles and natterjack toad. He is a well-known herpetologist, and an accomplished non-marine malacologist, with survey licences covering England, Scotland and Wales. Other competencies include Phase 1 habitats, Hedgerow Regulations, butterflies (WCBS surveyor), fairy shrimps, eDNA, badger, water vole, fish, birds and NVC/botany (FISC level 4), BREEAM, HQM, BS5837 trees. He is an avid music-lover, traveller, and follower of politics and current affairs.