The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a British Standard for biodiversity management, assessment and information provision in the development-planning process. BS42020:2013 aims to set the gold standard for biodiversity professionals, and will be regarded with great interest in the ecological consultancy industry.

According to web sources, Richard Benyon MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Natural Environment, Water and Rural Affairs has communicated the Government's intention to legislate against the sale of 'blacklisted' non-native invasive species. This follows a lengthy consultation period.

The following news is taken from the Fera websitetaken from the Fera website.

The European Food Safety Authority has recently published an opinion evaluating a Spanish pest risk analysis on Pomacea insularum, the island apple snail [an invasive South American freshwater snail].  The PRA had been prepared in response to the presence of the snail in the Ebro delta of Spain, where it has been causing damage to rice production and the natural environment.  As the snail can currently be imported, bred and traded freely, there is the possibility of release into the environment, either intentionally, or accidentally from outdoor aquaria and breeding sites etc.

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